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The lists below are from the Spelling Discovery Program used prior to the 2010-11 school year. Feel free to used the appropriate lists to help learn general rules for spelling.

Compound Words

Closed Syllables
First Syllable Division Rule

Silent e Syllable

Vowel Teams ai, ay, ee, ea, oa, ow, oe

Pick any 20 words to review rules

Open Syllable
Second Syllable Division Rule

"Flexible Speller"
Breaking the Second Syllable Division Rule

Lesson 15 is designated for "Rule-breakers."
Memorizing is one of the most effective methods
for identifying other rule-breakers.

Open & Closed Syllables

tracer sheet
"Soft C"
The /s/ sound as c

"Soft G"
the /j/ sound as g

Review Soft C & G

r-controlled Syllables
/ar/ sound (car) /or/ sound (or)
/er/ sound as er (fern), as ir (bird), as ur (hurt)

"Haunted Vowels" au, aw, ou, ow, oi, oy, & oo

cursive practice

word ending in "le"

cursive practice List 3

cursive practice List 4

Print & cursive practice

use these tracers to work on neatness and control by using the lines provided

Suffix -ed /t/ /ed/ or /d/ sounds

1-1-1 Doubling Rule

(1st syllable / 1 short vowel
1 consonant = double the consonant before adding a suffix)

Jobs of Y - long /i/ and /e/

Change the y to an i

Sight suffixes -tion, -sion, -ture

Cursive tracers

Vowel teams /ie/ & /ei/

Silent letters

Rulebreaker: /ea/ as in head
/ear/ as in heard

To help study for tests, you may do any of the activities below:

1. Word Pyramid for 10 (hardest) words - Add one letter each time
Ex: w

2. Rainbow Words - Write each letter in a different color

3. Mnemonic – Create sentences or another trick to help memorize the word’s spelling.
Ex: arithmetic – A rat in Tom’s house might eat Tom’s ice cream

4. Word Search – Hide your spelling words in a word search puzzle; make sure you include a word list and write your spelling words in a different color than the other letters in the word search. (HINT – Use graph paper!)
Word List: B R O U G H T
Brought A E C S X G D
Bark R L I O M J F

5. Question and Answers – Create 10 question and answer pairs. Use one word in the question and another word in the answer. You must use all words.
Ex: Q: Is the fourth of December on a Tuesday?
A: No, the fourth of December is a Wednesday.

6. Spelling Story – Use at least 10 words in a story that has a beginning, middle and end. It should make sense and not be too silly!

7. Crossword Puzzle – Use at least 10 words to create a crossword puzzle. Your clues must be fill-in-the-blank sentences or definitions of the words. Fill in the squares of the crossword puzzle with your spelling words. Hint: Use graph paper to keep your puzzle neat! You may also try a web-based puzzle site like www.puzzle-maker.com
You can also try: www.puzzlemaker.com - This site is part of Discovery Education...
    • Both of these sites should let you make free puzzles...you don't need to buy/download their premium versions.