States and Capitals:
Locating the 50 States Kids Know It Network Capital Game


Latitude and Longitude Game

Animaniacs States & Capitals
Animanics: Presidents
Animaniacs Nations of the World
(Keep in mind that these were made in the 1990's. Some capitals are mispronounced, the latest president was Bill Clinton, and some countries do not exist any more because the broke into smaller countries.)

Lenape Indians:
Lanape Indians
Learn to speak like the Lanape using activities, coloring pages, and native stories.
Learn more Lanape words (customizable)
De la Warr

Check out Pennsylvania's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources website.
The Appalachian Trail Interactive Map
Natural Resources:
Learn about Solar Ovens at Utilize the power of the sun to make tasty treats!
You can print these instructions to make the "Easy Lid" cooker.

Field Trips:
Landis Valley, Harrisburg and Hershey's Chocolate World, Philadelphia Walking Tour

Landis Valley Museum - Step back in time!
The Amish and Plain People
Amish Webquest
Informal Amish Quiz
Make your own online quilt
Der Belsnickle

Harrisburg - Our state capital
The Capitol Building
Take a virtual tour
Capital or Capitol?
PA State Museum
Educational Webquest

Hershey's Chocolate World

Historic Philadelphia
Take a virtual tour
Click on the Map below to learn about the city's historic sites.
Interactive Map of Philadelphia in the Late 1800's

Textbook Resources


Click on the American Bear or the link above to access textbook materials anytime.

*Contents will be added throughout the school year as we progress through the year.

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United States Resources
Pennsylvania Resources

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