At SRS, we utilize Science Kits from Carolina Biological Supply Company.
Check out the activities found in these textbooks!

River delta in Siberia
Land and Water

Earth's structure

Water Cycle

water cycle activities

Electricity Links

Learning circuits

PECO web activities

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuitselectricity.jpg

California Energy Commission Educational Website (Energy Quest)

Silicon Spies - Game

Build your own flashlight

Use a lemon to create electricity

Resources for energy conservation & flow resources

Solar ovens –


Solar projects - yourself.html

“Energy House” experiments
Use a lemon to make electricity -
Find more at –

Lankenau / MainLine Health Fun Stuff for Kids

interactive nutrition activities

Meal planner

meal planner game

Interactive Body System

The Virtual Body

What are germs?

How the Body Works

Infectious Disease Precautions

Embryology chicks.jpg
Penn State Embryology

Watch a chick hatch

classroom hatch 2010

Look in a hatchery

The 21-day Chick Lifecycle Parts of an egg Photographs of developing embryo Chicken facts Incubation & Embryology activities

Check out this virtual farm!

great_horned_owl2866-c.jpgBirds of Prey
Red-tailed hawk with leucism (rare in captivity)

Great Valley Nature Center

Rachel Carson Building - Perigrine Falcon Cam
Classroom activities
Owl Calls - all species / Barred Owl "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?"
Virtual Owl Pellet


Help Papa Tortuga Save Sea Turtles at

Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle Webquest
Save the loggerhead sea turtle game
Origami Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle Thinkquest
Sea Turtle activities and quizzes

Schuylkill Valley Nature Center

Schuylkill Center Homepage
Environmental Protection Agency - Kids Club

Watershed & pollution

Crum Creek Watershed


Rocketry links:
Click here for the complete list of NASA's Guided tours.
**Click here for the** **Beginner's Guide for Rocketry.**
**Click here to go to the Water Rockets Tour.**
**Click here for the Model Rocketry Tour.**
Build your own straw/paper rocket!
Build your own balloon rockets!

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CyberSleuths games
Science Skills
Inventions Game You need a user account for this.