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Virtual Manipulatives that can help with many topics
Additional online activities- aligned with Everyday Math lessons from the 2nd edition (The order has been changed in the 3rd edition utilized at SRS.)


Activities arranged by Unit

Unit 10: Reflections and Symmetry
Line Symmetry
More symmetry
Frieze patterns - exploration of translation, reflections & rotations
Positive & Negative Integers - Tutorial & exercises
Adding with negative integers - use color chips to help solve problems
Subtracting with negative integers
Builder Ted - game with challenging +/- decimals

Unit 9: Percents, Fractions, and Decimals
Virtual Manipulative - Enter a % or fraction to get equivalents
Fraction & Percent matching game
Cyberchase game - match %, fraction, & picture
Harder conversions
Calculating a Tip - Penguin Waiter game
Multiplying Decimals
Dividing Decimals example and
Practice problems

Unit 8: Perimeter and Area
How would you arrange a classroom?
Perimeter - Make sure to use the units!
Play with Perimeter - Build regular polygons to match a given perimeter
CyberChase Shipbuilder - Polygons w/ Same perimeters & different areas
Shodor's Complex Polygons - Find the perimeters of unusual polygons
Word problem challenge - It's timed and includes various polygons & circles.
Find Rex- Find the rectangle and enter the area.
Scale Drawings Quiz

Unit 7: Fractions and their uses
Match fractions with pictures, Try this puzzle!
Tangram puzzles
Estimate Fractions on a numberline between 0 and 1.
Adding Fractions with the same denominator
Challenging Fraction Number Stories
Collect Data and see it as fractions
Probabilityas a fraction ----
Fraction Jeopardy Powerpoint
Fire! - Probability model

Unit 6: Multiplication and Division
Partial Products Multiplication video by kids
Partial Quotients Tutorial
Long Division
lattice multiplication video by kids
worksheet (2 digit x 2 digit), (2 digit x 3 digit), (3 digit x 3 digit)
Multiplication/Division practice
Division facts games
Multiplication Facts practice - MathFactsCafe
Finding Quarks
Coordinate grid game
Measuring angles with a half protractor

Unit 5: Big Numbers, Estimation, and Computation
Partial Products method - video
Penguin Race
Census Bureau website,
World Clock- contains data with large numbers,
Multiplication and Division Estimation
Multiplying by 10,
Remember PEMDAS for Order of operation- Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally - Solve Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication& Division, Addition & Substraction in that order.

Unit 4: Decimals and Their Uses
more multiplication games
Play Decimals of the Caribbean! -Aargh!
You're a Lunch Lady!
Make change for customers (They're real animals if you mess up.)
Decimal Jeopardy game,
Everything you need to know about decimals (+,-,*,/)
place value worksheets (require password from teacher)
Metric Unit conversion problems - includes length, weight, and capacity
Making Change- The sooner you can do this in real life, the better off you'll be!
Think you're good at decimals? Well, try this!

Unit 3: Multiplication and Division
Multiplication Table multiplication games Make your own worksheets!
Baseball Multiplication Multiplication with factors 1-6
Factor Bingo Create products and find their factors (factor X factor = product)Multiplication Station
Division facts online practice
Mixed practice game
Timed facts games at Math Mayhem. Play against other people!
(Mr. Mac's high score in multiplication is 1200!)
Division word problems (more problems)
Order of operations
Parentheses (also referred to as brackets) - Similar to Name that Number
Open sentences (algebra - solving for variables)

Unit 2: Numbers and their Place Values
Place Values - see how quick you are without the commas!
Place Value Quiz
Place Value Game - similar to the EM game "High-Number Toss"
Create a Graph
Interpreting Data
M&M's candies printable graphing activity - you need to a regular size bag
Line Plots
Interactive and Customizable Line Plot / Bar Graph
Trade-First Subtraction Algorithm
external image
external image
trade_first_subtraction.pps (a.k.a. standard)Base-10 Blocks- trade flats (100's) and longs (10's) for cubes (1's)

Unit 1: Geometry
Polygon Match Game
Identify types of polygons while practicing spelling & keyboarding
Angles Jeopardy Game - plays up to four players
Angles Space Game - shoot down some aliens!
Polygon Capture- Printable Game that is played in school
Triangles, Quadrangles/Quadrilaterals,
Lines, Rays, & Line Segments, Play with Tangrams, Geometric Shapes2-D and 3-D
Online Geoboard Printable Polyhedrons


Factor Bingo Create products and find their factors (factor X factor = product)
Landmark Shark Work with range (maximum - minimum), mode (most), median (middle), and mean (average)
Division Top-It 3 cards (2-digit # / 1-digit #)

More resources:
Problem Solving
Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers
Tra de-First Subtraction Algorithm external image
(a.k.a. standard), - use the Base-10 Blocks to trade flats (100's) and longs (10's) for cubes (1's)
Count-up method- good for working with money and elapse time
multiplication gamesmore multiplication games
Area Multiplication and DivisionMake your own worksheets!
external image msword.png (Multiplication)

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