Earn rice for hungry people just for playing this game!

Looking to supplement you education with some fun and interesting activities? Then look no further. Check out these mini-lessons from:

the Kids Know It Network
includes information, activities, and quizzes on Animals,Dinosaurs,
Biology, Human Biology, Astronomy, Geography, Geology,
Math, History, Spelling, Memory...
Do you like to learn through music? How about some fun songs?

Plus, you can choose from 33 educational videos that have interactive assessments!

Off-line Science Experiments
Absorption http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_absorption.html
Balance & Gravity http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_gravity.html
Bending Light http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_bendinglight.html
Bouncing & Reflecting Light http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_reflectinglight.html
Colors http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_curiouscolors.html
Electricity http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_electricity.html
Floating & Sinking http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_floating.html
Heat http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_heat.html
Magnets http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_magnetic.html
Matter http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_matter.html
Mixing & Separating http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_mixing.html
Pressure http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_pressure.html
Chemical Reactions http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_reaction.html
Spinning, Starting, Stopping http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_starting.html
Surface Tension http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_surfacetension.html
Five Senses http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_senses.html
Temperature http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_temperature.html
Plants & Flowers http://www.kids-science-experiments.com/cat_plants.html

Quick, easy, & fun experiments

When it comes to Science, NASA can't be beat!
Perform hip or knee surgury, build simple machines & more
Language Arts
Project Ideas: Comic Creator, Trading Cards, Flip Book, and More

Social Studies
Local History : Swarthmore, PA
Swarthmore Historical Library
Create a poster or diorama, and it may be displayed in the library or lobby!
World Cultures: Africa

Creative Thinking
Random Writing Prompt Generator
Enchanted Mind's Pentominoes, Tangrams, Knight's Tour
Cryptogram Puzzles (to print)
Here is a logic problem created by external image msword.png [[file/view/Albert Einstein.doc|Albert Einstein.doc]]

Absurd Math Mystery
Genius Boxing

Learn some Line Art at Sodaplay.com

Would you like some Pi?
March 14th is Pi Day (3.14) See how much you can remember.
external image msword.png [[file/view/Pi 10000.doc|Pi 10000.doc]]
This song may help!

For material related to the "Everyday Math" Units, go to the Mathematics page.

Check out "Hoagies" Kids & Teens page:
includes information and links to various subjects including: Math, Science, Art, Music, Social Studies, Programming, Brainteasers...

Here's one that's right up Mr. Mac's Alley. If you and your friends are creative at problem solving and want to have fun at the same time, check this out! http://www.odysseyofthemind.com/ It does cost $$$ to join the competition and your team is led by one or two of your parents. You need a teacher to be your school contact which Mr. McElroy will be glad to support you. (He's worked with a team that has gone to the State Finals!)

Pennsylvania's Association for Gifted Education website.

Pennsylvania's Department of Education Gifted Education website
includes:Parent's Guide to Special Education for the Gifted